Management Team

Ronald Allen, Executive Director

Ronald Allen is a passionate educator, program coordinator, and inspiring youth pastor. His passion in life is inspiring youth to first see, and then reach their potential. Ron has been responsible for overseeing grass root programs targeting youth from lower-income communities for the past seven years. Ron began his career in youth work as Director of the Sewanee Youth Center as a freshman in college in September 1999. In the decade and a half since, he has developed programs designed to develop critical thinking and creative expression of adolescent youth while delivering a thorough and complete sense of self. Ron served as the Program Manager for a highly regarded non-profit, called Martha’s Table, serving the lower income communities of Washington DC. Specifically Ron oversaw all aspects of Martha’s Table Bridge program, which was part of their youth outreach. Responsibilities included developing and implementing academic programming, facilitating staff development including professional development, developing and being accountable to division budgets, outreach to local partners and corporate sponsors and managing relationships with local schools, families and other CBO’s.

In addition Ron held the title of Director of School Development for the H2 Group, creators of the ‘whole child’ curriculum, called SHAKTI Warriors. Ron’s responsibilities included overseeing on-site curriculum implementation, coordinating with H2 Group’s executive management and doing what he loves to do the most … instilling passion in youth to become life-long learners and effective members of society.

Rosanne Harrison,
Director/Advisor of Curriculum Development

Dr. Rosanne Harrison holds a Post Master’s Certificate in General Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. Harrison began her professional career as a Managing City Editor for AOL / Time Warner. She became a certified Yoga Instructor in 200. Teaching yoga to both adults and adolescents was the catalyst for Rosanne to return to college where she received a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Curriculum. She served as an Educator and Curriculum Coordinator for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) at two high schools on the west side serving at-risk youth. She incorporated interdisciplinary curricula designs and implemented AP English classes for one of the west side high schools to great success.

Rosanne recently began working as an educational consultant for companies whose mission is to professionally empower other educators and administrators about ‘whole-child’ based, integrated curricula designs. She has made great progress in helping other educators, “fall in love with teaching again”. Empowering others to live up to their professional potential, and leading and monitoring the implementation of evidence-based curricula designs are two of her greatest passions; she continues to find ways to serve in a capacity that links these two talents with her love for the transformative power inherent in education. .

Grant Writer

HHA is currently seeking a part-time Grant Writer.

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